Lemon EVOO and Strawberry Balsamic


Our pairing for March is the perfect mix of sweet, spicy and smoky flavors.
Our Bacon Infused Olive Oil is an excellent kitchen companion for breakfast, lunch, or dinner: try frying or scrambling eggs in a pan, drizzling over roasted Brussel sprouts, or finishing baked or mashed potatoes. Makes an Excellent dressing with Sherry Reserve for a warm Bacon dressing to go over a spinach salad! Pairs with our Honey Ginger, lemon and Apple Balsamic.
This full-flavored dark balsamic vinegar is made with real Maple syrup. Our Maple barrel-aged balsamic pairs with Chili Butter, and Habanero olive oil. Great for pancakes, waffles, pork chops and many other marinades, chops and many other marinades. 

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Our pairing for June is an exquisite duo perfect for adding a refreshing twist to your favorite dishes.

Infused with the zesty essence of fresh lemons, our Lemon Olive Oil brings a burst of citrusy brightness to any dish. Ideal for drizzling over grilled vegetables, fish, or chicken, it also adds a vibrant touch to salads and marinades. Our Strawberry Balsamic is a harmonious blend of ripe strawberries and aged balsamic vinegar. This sweet and tangy elixir enhances the flavors of fresh fruit, salads, and even desserts. Try it as a finishing touch on a summer salad or drizzled-over vanilla ice cream for a unique treat. Together, Lemon Olive Oil and Strawberry Balsamic create a symphony of flavors that captures the essence of summer. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or enjoying a quiet dinner at home, this pairing is sure to impress and delight.

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